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Inside Out


Jean is a 20-year-old Uruguayan trans man dealing with the recent death of his mother. Living in Neuquén with his father with whom he has a distant relationship, he tries to continue with his life far from Uruguay, but without his mother everything becomes difficult. Until he meets Lucía and they fall in love. Little by little, he will manage to improve his relationship with himself and untie the pain to finally move on with his life.

Co-production with Lumis Films (Argentina)

Director: Abril Sanz

Producers: Martin Cairo / Pedro Lafferranderie

Script: Abril Sanz / Lola Lagos

Script Laboratory Award at the Bariloche Audiovisual Festival (FAB) 2020

PCI MaPa Federal Award for the province of Neuquén 2020

Winner in the Line of Promotion to the Development of Fiction Feature Film Projects “Carlos Procopiuk” From ENCINE

Declared a cultural project of interest to the Culture of Rio Negro and the culture of Neuquén

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