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The plague


Montevideo, 1970

Some dead people are inexplicably coming back to life.
They are not zombies, they do not eat brains and they maintain much of their consciousness. 
They revive a few hours after dying, scared, confused and very thirsty.

A paramilitary group is responsible for keeping this phenomenon a secret from the rest of society, persecuting the resurrected and locking them up forever on an abandoned island. There they will spend eternity, screaming and clawing at the walls of their metal coffins. 

No one knows why this phenomenon happens, but there are more every day.

Based on the short film of the same name,"The Plague" is a horror drama divided into 6 chapters that takes place in this universe, where we will witness the fight between the resurrected and the sinister secret organization that wants to make them disappear forever.

Winning project of the Montevideo Develop Fund

Selected for the Iberseries 2023 Showrunners Workshop

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